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LUSATIA GLOW – EIFEL GLOW – Meetings scheduled in the European Parliament in Brussels and with Charles SERVATY, the President of the Parliament of Ostbelgien, and with representatives the Ostbelgien Government in Eupen – from September 28th to October 1st, 2023

The freely, equally and democratically elected people’s representation of the Lusatian Sorbs / Wends from Saxony and Brandenburg, Germany – the SERBSKI SEJM – visits as of tomorrow, Thursday, September 28th, for four days Belgium meeting with Charles SERVATY, the President of the Ostbelgien Parliament in Eupen, and discussing with experts from the Ostbelgien Ministry of Education, Research and Formation as well as in the European Parliament in Brussels new approaches and their own work on educational and cultural autonomy of indigenous peoples and minority groups in Europe.

Based on the cross-border framework programme of LUSATIA GLOW which has been publicly presented for the first time on February 8th, 2022, in the Press Club Brussels Europe, the SERBSKI SEJM starts on Friday, September 29th, with meetings in the European Parliament in Brussels and continues with the German speaking community in Belgium (Ostbelgien) in the afternoon in Eupen and on Saturday in Saint Vith. In the framework of EIFEL GLOW, a subsidiary programme of the LUSATIA GLOW model initiative from the Sorbian / Wendish border triangle of Lusatia (CZ-DE-PL), the Sorbian / Wendish Parliament kicks off the process of systematic learning how education, culture, research and formation are structured and implemented within a context of personal or territorial autonomy in a European context in order to advance and deepen their own work on the status of education and cultural development in their homeland in Lusatia in Eastern Germany.

As the most Western Slavonic people, the Sorbs / Wends are natural ambassadors not only between countries and cultures, but also between East and West in Europe. This cross-border cooperation facilitating capacity makes of them natural envoys between the borders and initiates a new innovative approach to European integration – starting at the borders and not in the capitals.

In order to be able to fully display their cross-border facilitating capacity, the Lusatia Sorbs / Wends need a stable, high level and secure educational and cultural environment which gives them the opportunity to show their strong, reliable and deeply democratically rooted diplomatic and social skills in a broad European context.

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